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Configure a PIX 501 from scratch in 10 minutes!

Cisco makes for some of the most difficult configuration and setup of equipment on the market. Over time I’ve worked to streamline the setup of the PIX device, given the number of clients who have had to purchase them, either by force due to a software vendor they are working with or because they were “smooth talked” into the purchase, with no help after the fact. Continue reading “Configure a PIX 501 from scratch in 10 minutes!” »

Opening Windows Firewall Ports Remotely

As an IT administrator, sometimes there are tasks you need to accomplish on your network without the ability to access a user’s PC. Whether it be they are using it, or its locked and you don’t have their password, remote administrator is a must.

In a day and age where internet attacks are real and occur almost constantly without our ever knowing, a firewall is a must. Windows xP introduced a built in firewall, and with Service Pack 1 made it easier to access/manage. Continue reading “Opening Windows Firewall Ports Remotely” »