Slipstream Any Office 2003 Product with the Latest Service Packs

The quick down and dirty to integrating the latest Microsoft patches into Outlook, FrontPage, and more!

For the sake of this walkthrough, this will show you how to update Outlook (since it seems to be a bear!)

Create Some Folders

The walkthrough requires you to create the following folders:

<path office update files> = This is where you have downloaded the update files
<path to admin update source> = This is where you will extract the administrative update files for Office
<path to installation point> = This is the folder containing the files for Outlook

Download the Update Files:

Office 2003 SP2 Full Download

Outlook 2003 Junk Mail Update

Extract the Updates

C:\<path office update files> /Q /C /T:C:\<path to admin update source>

NOTE: When you extract the files it will ask to overwrite some existing files – say NO.

In the end you should have 3 .MSP files:

MAINSP2ff.msp – Updates core components for Office XP
Owc11sp2ff.msp – Updates Office Web Components
OUTLFLTR.msp – Update for Outlook Junk Email Filter

Create an Admin install of Outlook

Insert the Outlook CD and type “x:\setup.exe /a” in the Run dialog [x is your cd-rom drive letter]

Enter your organization Organization and Office 2003 Product Key. Click Browse to choose your Outlook <installation point>. Click Next.

Accept the End User License Agreement [EULA] and click Next. Files are now being copied to the installation point.

Update the Outlook Install

Run the following commands:

Update Outlook 2003
msiexec /p c:\<path to admin update source>\MAINSP2ff.msp /a C:\<path to installation point>\OUTLS11.MSI shortfilenames=true /qb

Update Outlook 2003 Junk Mail Filter
msiexec /p c:\<path to admin update source>\OUTLFLTR.msp /a C:\<path to installation point>\OUTLS11.MSI shortfilenames=true /qb

Update Office 2003 Web Components
msiexec /p c:\<path to admin update source>\Owc11sp2ff.msp /a C:\<path to installation point>\OUTLS11.MSI shortfilenames=true /qb

That’s it!! You’ve successfully update the Outlook 2003 installation to SP2 plus included the latest Junk Mail filters.

Post Update Tips

  • Once you’re done you can rburn these files back to CD. The installation point created by Microsoft copied the autorun.inf, so it should auto start the installation on the updated copy created.
  • Each Office product has it’s own .MSI file containing the setup instructions, so if you are updating other Office products you will need to know the file names. Here are a few that are known:

    Office Professional 2003 = PRO11.MSI
    Office Small Business Edition 2003 = sbe11.msi
    Outlook 2003 = OUTLS11.MSI
    FrontPage 2003 = FP11.MSI
    Visio Professional 2003 = visprolmxi.msi
    Project Professional 2003 = projproe.msi
    Project Standard 2003 = prjstde.msi

    In the last step of the update process above you can see where these files are referenced, so just substitute the correct file name (see the file name in bold).


Thanks to the following resources for guidance on this walkthrough:

Chris Blackburn

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