Considerations enabling Microsoft 365 Copilot!

Excited to have #Microsoft365 #Copilot licensed and enabled in my personal tenant! For those diving in for the first time here are a few observations of note that I shared in the Concurrency, Inc. webinar today:

Even with the minimum 1 license, you have to commit to a year (and setup a new Billing agreement). Not an issue! Plus you can see the services that an Enterprise license enables.

There are priorities of semantic index enablement. The large enterprise customers will have theirs enabled over SMB, user indexing (OneDrive) goes first over tenant level (like Teams / Sharepoint), and Chat is indexed over files.

I’ll be sharing a link to the webinar shortly that walks thru the what’s new and how to think about readiness beyond just the technical! 🎉

Chris Blackburn

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