Improving human communication by leveraging the RIGHT Copilot

From the dawn of computing, one story remains: our data is the same, but the way it’s presented has changed. we’re always striving to improve efficiency with how we work and how we communicate.

With the many Copilots beginning to improve our lives, the dilemma remains – which is the right one to do the job?

On Friday April 19th I had to honor of speaking for the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group once again, and took a journey through “the past” of when to use what technology for job, stepped  into “the present” to see how each of the Microsoft Copilots work in the real world, then into “the future” with a handy guide that will help you know when to use what Copilot.

As a takeaway for this session, I’ve created this hand product cart on where to use the right Copilot for the right persona, as well as included a chart of applicable use cases

Download your copy here!

Looking to download a copy of the slides? Grab it in PDF format here

Understanding how the Copilots work is great, but in scenarios where multiple can do the same job, looking at the accuracy and precision may drive which tool to use, moving form the commodity tools found in Microsoft 365 Copilot, all the way to custom solutions that drive the mission of your organization.

An important part of success after identify the RIGHT Copilot is establishing #quality #promptengineering
Here is a handy list of ways to see better success faster in crafting your prompts:

To help in aiding advanced scenarios, and based on use cases with customers, I’ve put together a list of some scenarios I’ve helped customers in generating – there will be some that as you’re looking for more precision and accuracy in skilling, the solution will change from commodity to common tools. The list is ever growing as interactions with clients help in fostering new and exciting way to leverage AI.

Persona (Dept)Job (Title)Challenge/PainSuccess CriteriaSolution
SalesCustomer ExperienceCustomer service call are typing lengthy call summariesGenerate call summaries with minimal typingCopilot for Microsoft 365
SalesCustomer ExperienceDetermine Follow-up capture for clientGenerate call actions in call summaries above 95%Copilot for Microsoft 365
SalesCustomer ExperienceAccelerate quoting for customer statements of workAccelerate quotes to 50% of current timeCopilot for Sales
Azure OpenAI
SalesCustomer ExperienceCapture and follow-up accelerationCall summaries are taken from Teams meetings and put into SalesforceCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot for Sales
SalesCustomer ExperienceImprove management of strategic accountsMap leaders in strategic accounts to actionsCopilot for Sales
SalesCustomer ExperienceImprove new lead conversationTrack and manage activities to create valueCopilot for Sales
SalesCustomer ExperiencePricing optimizationOptimize the GM on sold dealsCopilot for Sales
FinanceFinance ManagerSummarization or Q&A against excel from JD Edwards, etc.Process orders, sales, financial data in a single dashboardCopilot for Fabric
FinanceFinance ManagerStandardize the data estate and analytics from JD EdwardsSelf-service data access without Excel as dependencyCopilot for Fabric
HRRecruiterCreate job description is manually created from scratchAutomatically generate job descriptionsCopilot for Microsoft 365
HRRecruiterPerforming resume screening is a manual processAutonmatically Map appropriate resumes and/or experienceCopilot for Microsoft 365
HRRecruiterManual generation of candidate screening notes and recordingRecord interviews and capture key notes automaticallyCopilot for Microsoft 365
HRPolicy ManagerEmployees are asking on where to find policies, understand updates, and send questions to the team regularly that are documentedLegerate a chatbot to provide quicker access to HR informationCopilot Studio
Azure OpenAI
ITHelpdeskResolve tickets faster, or shift left (30 tickets a day)Answer IT oriented questions fasterCopilot for Service
ITIT ManagerAnalysis of legal documents for examples of languageLegal analysts review documents for specific legal languageCopilot for Microsoft 365
ITDeveloperCreating code from scratch is time comsuingCode development done fasterGithub Studio
ITDeveloperDevelop safe codeCode is developed from trusted repositoriesGithub Studio
ITDeveloperCode across platformsCode is developed accuratelyGithub Studio
MarketingMarketingBuilding marketing campaign contentCreate marketing content drafts that are 80% completedCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingMarketingCompetitor or marketing researchGather research regarding competitors or market trendsCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingMarketingKeeping content up to dateContent generationCopilot for Microsoft 365
SalesCustomer Care SpecialistNotifying customers that projects are late (Netsuite Report)The customer is automatically notified of delayed based on inventory or order statusCopilot for Service
Copilot for Power Platform
SalesSales CoordinatorUnderstand what opportunties are/ are not actionableThe sales representatives can prioritize client feedback based on specific criteriaCopilot for Sales
Azure OpenAI
SalesProject Coordinatorbetter understand where products are in the product process to schedule ordersView product deivery status and provide a virtual chat bot to understand lead timesCopilot for Sales
Copilot Studio
SalesSales ManagerConduct employee reviews and manage Automatically process employee feedback and provide goals / OPRsCopilot for Viva
SalesTerritory ManagerReview pipeline and deals for account executivesAutomatically view sales statustics and create dashboards for views across all customersCopilot for Sales
Copilot for Fabric
Supply ChainBuyer/ ProcurementCustomers are unaware of delayes in ordersAutomatically notify customers that projects are late via Netsuite dataCopilot for Sales
Product ManagementDesign Specialist/ ManagerCoordinatinng design work, working with 3D models, creating in depth technical drawings, performing manual input, and working creatively with design teams is time consumingGenerate meeting summaries and automate the creation of standardized documentation to meet product specificationsCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
EstimatingEstimatorManual effort to understand what product specifications are when talking with clientUse natural language to accuruately provide detailsCopilot Studio
Copilot for Sales
Azure OpenAI
Plant OperationsSamples FabricatorManual effort to understand what materials and products are stocked / backorderdUse natural language to determine supply chain accuracyCopilot Studio
Copilot for Sales
Azure OpenAI
Plant OperationsShipping/FreightProvide accruate freight costs bases on shipper and finalized product weightAutomcally pull inventory data from finalized products and cross references against shipping providerCopilot Studio
Azure OpenAi
ProductionProduction AssociateUnderstand delayes to supply chain and parts for product productionUsing natural language search automatically generate reporting from ERP systems and provideCopilot Studio
Azure OpenAI
ITDeveloperUpdates to custom developed platforms take time to make correctionsAutomatically review code and use natural language to provide enhavementsGithub Studio
ITBusiness AnalystGaps in understanding operations of teams and applying technology effectivelyAutomatically review SOPs and use chat bots to interactCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
ITHelpdeskRespondin to user support requests can take hours if not daysCreate a chat bot for interaction based on existing knowledgebase and then escalate to team member when all options are exhaustedCopilot Studio
Copilot for Service
MarketingOps/CoordinatorSetting Up marketing campaigns in tedious and not tailored to custonmersAutomatically generate presentations around customer dataCopilot for Microsoft 365
FinanceCFOGeneration of data around company finances is tediousAutomatically create reports and dashboards from company ERP systemsCopilot for Finance
Copilot for Fabric
ExecutiveCEOCannot easily perform Deep Diving Around Data AnalysisAutomatically create reports and dashboards from company ERP systemsCopilot for Finance
Copilot for Fabric
SalesAccount Manager/ SpecialistBook a trip takes multiple steps and coordination with managersTrip is automaticlaly booked and goes thru the proper approval workflowsCopilot for Microsoft 365 plugin
Copilot for Power Automate
FinanceTravel and ExpenseUndestanding travel and expoense policies must be emailed and answered by someone in financeAutomatically interact with Concur related questions via chat botCopilot Studio
FinanceTravel and ExpenseAutomate expense report processing.Expense reports are automatically audited for accuracy.Copilot for Microsoft 365 plugin
FinanceTravel and ExpenseAnalyzing spend for fraud/duplicates is tediousDuplicate charges are reimbursed back to the company.
review dataset apply logic to identify duplicates / incorrect spend
Fabric / OpenAI
OperationsBusiness Transformation officePerform financial roll ups from the primary categories (OP/Savings/Growth, Expense, Cash Outlay, Headcount) that export into Smartsheet and restructuring projects reporting from various business entities coalesced in Excel from various ERPs and the data warehouse each reporting period (monthly, 60+ initiatives)Incrementally automate and improve the data accuracy period over period to free up the financial team’s time to reallocate to other business process improvement and reporting priorities (cross business and cross toolset)Copilot for Fabric
Azure OpenAI
OperationsProgram management and people leadership roleAccelerate and improve the quality of team and individual goal setting (OKRs) across initiative leadsSet OKRs in a more timely manner and ensure / derisk initiatives plus improve visibility into milestonesCopilot for Viva
OperationsProgram management and people leadership roleUse data from calendars to tell me how likely someone is going to be available for attending a meeting at that time.Be told the slots that work best to schedule meetings for maximum attendance (goal = 100% of participants) andCopilot Studio
Copilot for PowerAutomate
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office draft emails reminding teams when deliverables/updates are dueAutomated communication to team members of monthly deliverablesCopilot Studio
Copilot for PowerAutomate
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Setup of new suppliers across our legal entities and accounts payable approval for setup inside of ERPAutomated draft of the email, collection and workflow of the submittals, and tracking of the new supplier registration along the way. Copilot Studio
Copilot for PowerAutomate
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Schedule payments for invoices for suppliers thru ConcurAutomated send invoice, collection of payment & notification of every step in workflow until payment is issued. Copilot Studio
Copilot for PowerAutomate
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Gaps in budget management in real timeAutomatically provide data around invoice payment, increases / decreases, reporting dashboards, and automatic communucationsCopilot for Finance
Copilot for Fabric
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Review supply chain PowerBI dashboard and engage users to flush out inaccuraciesAutomatically identify potential inconsistencies, apply corrective actions from those to future events, and suggest overall more efficient and/or insightful ways of cutting & viewing dataCopilot for Finance
Copilot for Fabric
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Create document templates around Crisis and strategic communicationsAutomatically leverage a library of suggested drafts is createdCopilot for Microsoft 365
OperationsBusiness Transformation Office Receive and file new documents relative to an M&A project to quickly source the answers to querries the data room particpantsUse a cat bot to Leverage data set across all of the deparmental areas of an organization based on a defined template and create a response / reCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
SalesAccount Manager/ SpecialistCreating customers specific strategy and values and idetnifying how we can bring value is lackingUse natural language response to understand customer strategy and automatically generate sales documentsCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot for Sales
SalesAccount Manager/ SpecialistCreating customer specific presentations are time consumingCustomized presentations and links to their specific strategic direction and values Copilot for Microsoft 365
SalesAccount Manager/ SpecialistAnalyze a market segment and identify most interesting leads to approachAutomatically review customer information based on calls and newsCopilot for Sales
SalesAccount Manager/ SpecialistPerforming email preparation for customers it tediousI can communicate more quickly and get additional touch-points with customersCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot for Sales
OperationsERP AdministratorCreating and / or locating an operation sheet required for running a part on the shop floor is time consumingThe correct operation sheet is downloaded and displayed.Copilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
OperationsERP AdministratorCreating next step actions in the ERP is a manual processProcess log e-mails/notifications and tabulate in a scorecard and kick off next actionsCopilot for Microsoft 365
OperationsERP AdministratorTroubleshooting of the ERP system is difficult and requires human interactionProvide troubleshooting to users through bot, Copilot, or automated email responsesCopilot Studio
Copilot for Finance
OperationsERP AdministratorTransform user requests are manually completedAutomatically translate input into an EPM Automate script and provide output to usersCopilot Studio
Copilot for Finance
OperationsERP AdministratorValidating user reporting requests is manually completedAutomatically generate emails with properly filled out form and workflows are handled quickerCopilot Studio
Copilot for Finance
OperationsERP AdministratorCreate internal documetation / standard workThe information has been transferred and transformed from an old version to a new template.Copilot for Microsoft 365
OperationsERP AdministratorPair program / validate / test Oracle Calc Script, Java/Groovy, EPM Automate, Batch Scripts, Postman configuration (for Oracle REST API requests)Code is automatically generated with accuracyGithub Copilot
Azure OpenAI
OperationsERP AdministratorProvide one-stop shop for user requestsUser is able to complete their inquiry using the AI.Copilot for Microsoft 365
FinanceInvestor RelationsDraft more effective investor communications (Creative)Initial drafts of earnings call scripts, press releases, presentations (Jump start the creative process)
Assisting in getting the appropriate tone of these communications
More investor communications these days are first absorbed by machines, AI should help to create better tailored materials
Copilot for Microsoft 365
FinanceInvestor RelationsPrepare management for analyst / investor question & answer sessions using predictive analyticsAutomatically generate content and predections based on internal and external dataCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
FinanceInvestor RelationsSummarizing peer companies’ / competitors’ investor presentations and transcripts is a tedious process`Automatically generate reports and review meeting to provide summariesCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
FinanceInvestor RelationsEfficiently target strategic investors using data driven insightsAutomatically review public and internal documents and create reports for investorsCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot Studio
FinanceInvestor RelationsKnowing that the buy-side is analyzing investor communications, being knowledgeable about what these tools are saying has gapsAutomatically review communications for sentements in communucations and ensuring it meets company standardsCopilot for Microsoft 365
FinanceInvestor RelationsAdministrative tasks are time consumingAutomatic generation of documents, meeting notes, interations via email, etcCopilot for Microsoft 365
HRInternal CommunicationsMeasuring internal communications include open rate and attrition rates, such as annual employee survey.Legerate AI to report and measure empployee responsesCopilot for Viva
HRIEP WriterCreating ideas and synthesizing into SMART goals requires a skilled individualLegerate AI to create goals based on user roleCopilot for Viva
MarketingContract WriterComparing T&Cs to ensure web edits are exact can be tedious and sometimes inaccurateAutomatically review documents based on a standardized templateCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingPublic CommuniucationsCreating press releases based on a template requires manual effortAutomatically generate a document based on template and provided criteriaCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingPublic CommuniucationsCopywriting & scheduling posts is a manual effortAutomatically create content and generate a flow to post on a scheduled basisCopilot for Microsoft 365
Copilot for Power Platform
MarketingPublic CommuniucationsOptimizing posts for virality (length and use of emojis) is a manual effortAutomtically review company content and recommend changes Copilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingPublic CommuniucationsDeveloping content calendar is a manual taskAutomatically review previous schedule and generate a schedule based on internal and external criteriaCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingPublic CommuniucationsCreating images/graphics to use with posts requires manual effortAutomatically generate grapgics by using keywords and prasesCopilot for Microsoft 365
MarketingWebmasterComparing HTML code to find a bug is a manual processAutomaticlaly review code for errors and recommend suggestionsGithub Studio
MarketingWebmasterConsolidating web and social media data from multiple sources and update a dashboard is manually completedAutomatically connect data sources and flow information and reporting to a centralized dashboardCopilot Studio
Copilot for Fabric

Implementing #GenAI is best traveled right with a #partner, a #copilot for your Copilot, that can help you avoid the pitfalls, establish best practices through a #centerofexcellence, ensure your #information has proper #governance, and your environment has all of the right #guardrails.

You don’t have to take the journey alone! ✈

Chris Blackburn

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